Thursday, March 16, 2017

Charles L. Robbins: Social Justice

There are things that people can do about social justice.  This is the subject of Charles L. Robbins 2014 Ted Talk in which he explains how people are not dealing with the fact that criminal things are happening everyday. For example he talks about how 1 out of 5 women are sexually harassed or raped on college campus and also that there are serious amount of violence and yet the congress still wont do anything. I could say this happens because of our culture as Americans. He says as people we should fight for social justice and try to bring peace in to to this world but know one seems to be doing anything not even the congress. He believes that anyone who believes in social justice can achieve anything they want to do. And he wants to see a change in  the world knowing that there are good people in the world doing the right things. That is why there are so many people going on strikes because they believe others have the power to make  a change in the world . He speaks on how it doesn't matter your race or gender or what language you speak. he explains how we live in a post racial environment because of how black people to cops are targeted to be killed for no reason. The government is not doing what there doing to change anything at all . A Lot of people think that social justice isn't important for us have because of how nothing is changing . In conclusion people should take things more important so we can change as a country.

The Child In The Basement

In this article The Ones who walk away from Omelas, The author Ursula Le Guin describes how nice and beautiful the Omelas are. For example such as how the rigging of the boats in harbor sparkled with flags, the streets between houses with red roofs and painted walls, and nice gardens including public buildings. Everyone how visited there would enjoy their selves with nice views,sunlight, and the dark blue sky. But then things start to get twisted, In a basement where a child is locked in is the most filthiest room you could ever be in ,where the author also describes how know It cries every night  probably being starved to death,how scrawny it is and how they are just abusing this child. When I read this story I have noticed that people know that someone is in there and never comes to see whats wrong. This is wrong because they have never answered the child there hear it constantly scream and scream for help, its so thin where there are no calves, and is naked. This child only lives on a half bowl of corn and grease a day. I think this child may represent something such as a disappointment because of how they don't even care who's in there and they just walk away the ones who walk away are the people that maybe scared that this child that they don't even know might ruin their lives or this child might be dangerous. You can compare and contrast from this story and in real life because this relates to how people in the story don't do anything to help and in real life we do the same exact thing. In conclusion, people I think are just scared to face things.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dan Gilbert: The suprising science of Happiness

There are some very shocked things about happiness. This is a subject of Dan Gilbert 2017 Ted Talk which he explains how we as people will challenge the idea of being miserable if we don't get what we want. He also includes how our immune system lets us truly feel happy when things don't go as planned. In addition to he defines the meaning of synthetic happiness is where you can build you'r own happiness. As he continues to explain the meaning of happiness he suggest that people should do things that would make yourself feel comfortable at what you like or do the best . You should never give up on things you like just because their difficult because in then end it is all going to pay off so that you can be happy. In the meantime, Dan Gilbert has experimented kids to see if it better to have a choice or no choice. He instructs college students to take 2 photographs that hey deeply love but however they can only keep one of them . So this experiment is to test the students would they rather keep both or just one. He finds out that half the class wants to keep both and other half only wants one this explains the meaning of synthetic happiness because in the end their going to come out with the same amount of results. To wrap this all up happiness is what in your opinion truly enjoys. In conclusion , the meaning of synthetic happiness is to build your own happiness.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

David Standl Rast: Want to be Happy? Be grateful

There are some particular ways to become happy. This is a subject of David Standl Rast Ted Talk which he explains how if we as people should be grateful to become happy. In this subject because being grateful is showing that you are happy for what ever you got in return. As David said if your not grateful then you are not happy . Which in addition to means you do not care about anything that you get. Being grateful will lead to being happy and getting more things that you like in life. The lesson of this Ted talk is to make sure that you understand the concept of being grateful and that if will lead you to bigger things.  Being Happy states that well being can come out as a positive outcome. It also means where that person can say that life is good its more than joy and pleasure. David has also defined happy as to use that to find your life as well by stating that every moment is a given moment because being happy you have been grateful and that he says that you have earned by being happy. The more you are grateful the less you have to be sad is because you are being happy all the time which will always make you grateful. Being happy is the most valuable moment given to us as people because we are cherishing our happiness. He says that opportunity only knocks once what he means is they is always going to be a moment where you have something to change. Which he calls it the key of happiness. When he means beings happy for being grateful he doesn't means your going to be grateful all the time. In conclusion Being happy is the key to opportunities.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


     The Reason I am happy is because I know I can be able to see another day. got to see another day. The things I like to do that makes me happy are things like being around my family and friends. Basketball also makes me happy because it doesn't cause negative energy and I know i can just be stress free. To me what happiness is, is your doing the things that make you happy in life. So that way you can keep from being sad or depressed. It is important to be happy so that you don't have to stress over anything and you can be you. In addition to, being happy is important because you can have a positive life. The secret to being happy is just be yourself because you can't be happy if you want to be someone else. Therefor being happy will keep you from remembering your past and that it will help you being able to laugh and joke around. Because know one wants to be sad unless that's your choice.  In my opinion, I think people are unhappy is because they don't know what to do in their life maybe they just chose to be sad because they don't know how to become happy as a person . If I was sad and wanted to be happy I would at least work my way up trying to reach that goal. Such as having a hobbies or playing sports just do what makes you happy so that you won't have to be sad . In conclusion to this try to find out what makes you happy so u can live a better life.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Learning By Intimitation

When people learn they learn by intimidating and copying. Everyone copies everything such as clothes, style, fashion or the brands that we use. People tend to be admired and be inspired by models, actors, actresses, superheroes etc. Also, babies are most likely to copy the same sex when growing up which is a thing they do. Some people take copying to another level. For example when they copy they don't just copy their style they copy their identity such as they way they talk or how their posture is. In addition to this explains how people can cause identity theft or have people thinking of you as someone else a lot of different things can happen. People copy because they also want to be like that person. But on the other hand that can mean that you don't want to be yourself or like who you are. People just don’t to be themselves and just take it upon the to be what they want beside them. There is nothing wrong with having a role model but they are tempted to copy them that can lead into obsession and make them want to go crazy or fall in love. Obsession is a whole different thing but imitating and copying can also lead to situations like where that can call themselves that . In conclusion imitating and copying can be in a bad way or good way.


People don't understand how if you just only listen to somebody else and not listen to the actual person that's talking. You can't just judge a person based on what there going through or what they look like. That is why Chimamanda Adichie's 2016 TED talk, explains how if you just listen to a single story about a person or country it can lead to a big misunderstanding . She tells a story about how the year she turned eight her family got a new house boy, his name was Fide . All her mom ever told her about him was that his family was a poor boy. She describes how she would give him food, clothes, and other necessities. So one day her and her mother had went to visit Fide's family in the village. She describes what she seen fides mom show her, she shows her a beautiful patterned basket made from dried raffia that his brother had made. She was so shocked on the talent they had it did not interest her how anybody in his family could actually make something. As she said in the beginning how all she heard was that they were poor. So after she had graduated from school, she had a roommate who had also had a single story for her way before she had even seen her. In conclusion, people are going to judge regardless because that's our culture.